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schoolFront Entrance

This is the front entrance of QPGS; a three-story brick building. All school doors remain locked during the school day with a door bell, camera and buzzer entry system at this entrance.



Main Office

All visitors must be buzzed through the front door and immediately walk straight ahead to the main office. This office is the hub of all parent, teacher and student communication for QPGS. Each classroom has two way communication to this office.







The library at Queen of Peace Grammar School has been undergoing a slow and steady upgrade for the past two years. Under the supervision of Mrs. Joyce Kearns and Mrs Josephine Romano, the oldest of our reading selections have been donated and replaced by many new attractive and colorful editions.  Along with DVDs and video/audio tapes, all of these new books have been logged into an electronic library tracking system.

Our growing library consists of 2,415 hard cover books; 2,055 paperbacks; 403 VHS tapes; 154 DVDs; 31 audio CDs and 9 audio CD books.  Within this collection, there are 2,397 non-fiction and 2,627 fiction books. Additionally, a collection of high quality research classics is available. The teachers are asked to select materials which coordinate with their classroom curriculum.

Students visit the library and the adjacent computer room weekly. 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students are encouraged to choose books for independent reading as well as research for class projects. 1st through 5th graders can choose a favorite book or DVD. A weekly topic is chosen for kindergarteners to experience the full scope of library books. Special consideration is given for individual research and information.

“It is important for students to learn how to use the library independently,” says Mrs. Kearns. “There is such a great deal of information that can be gained when the students enjoy their reading experiences.” Mrs. Kearns has served as our school librarian for two years. Mrs Romano has been volunteering in our school library for eighteen years. The school community is very proud of the progress that has been made in our library!

QPGS sponsors a Scholastic Book Fair in October which helps us to add new materials to our extensive collection annually. We also participate in Barnes & Noble Book Fair incentives.


Computer Lab

QPGS Computer Lab has 22 Dell Pentium desktops and two rolling Chromebook carts for our 6th through 8th grade students. We also maintain an iPad cart for student use.

In addition, there are SMART boards and projectors in use throughout the school. Computers are also available for student use in the 2nd and 3rd floor hallways.

Students in Grades K to 8 spend one-half hour to forty-five minutes each week in the Computer Lab. When working in the lab, each student uses his/her own computer. Classes include basic computer function and components, Microsoft Student Office Suite, the Google Classroom platform, transmitting and sharing files, using computer programs for cross-discipline learning, and even basic coding.



cafeteriaQPGS uses this space for its weekly music classes as well as for daily lunchtimes.

In addition, our Music Department prepares several  shows annually – an afternoon Christmas Concert, a Spring Musical and an end of the year Band Concert.

Assemblies, as well as academic competitions and parent events are also held in this all-purpose space.



High School Field

footballfieldQPGS has full use of our high school field for annual Field Day events, weekly Physical Education classes and daily recess times.