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Mission, Philosophy and Vision

Mission Statement

The mission of Our Lady Queen of Peace Grammar School is to empower our students with Catholic teaching, morality and traditions, as well as academic skills and knowledge that will enable them to embrace the challenges of the future in a constantly changing world.


Queen of Peace Grammar School exists to be a Catholic School, an extension of the Christian family. Our purpose is to unite Christian and secular teachings and values for those entrusted to our care. We promote spiritual and academic growth, as well as the physical, social and psychological development involved in the formation of our students. By encouraging a love and respect of God, self, and of all life, we strive to instill in our students a love of learning and the understanding that all education is a lifelong process.

Vision Statement

Queen of Peace Grammar School will continue to be a leading Catholic educational community of faith and knowledge that empowers our students with an understanding and appreciation of the diversity of our multicultural society. We will continue to provide opportunities to establish technological proficiency in all of our students. We will continue to encourage an awareness of the issues of health and safety that challenge us in the rapidly changing 21st century.

Jesus in our hearts, forever