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An important letter from Dr. Margaret Dames

May 16, 2017

Dear Queen of Peace Elementary School Students, Parents and Friends,

We realize that these have been difficult days for all members of the Queen of Peace Elementary School family as you have heard news that Queen of Peace High School will close at the end of June 2017.
Unfortunately, this sad news has overshadowed the success that is occurring every day at Queen of Peace Elementary School under the Archdiocese’s Lighting the Way Program.

Since Lighting the Way was implemented in 2014, Catholic elementary schools in the Archdiocese, including Queen of Peace Elementary School, have undergone a strong realignment that includes changes in governance, finance and funding and, most important, enrollment and marketing support. As you know, these initiatives have had very positive results for Queen of Peace Elementary School, results that we expect will continue in the coming years, thanks to support from parents, faculty, staff, and so many others who have been part of the life of the school in years past.

Your participation in the Archdiocese’s STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Math – initiative in 2016-17 allowed Queen of Peace Elementary School students to gain not only solid experience in these key areas of scientific inquiry, but also to interact with and learn from a genuine audience of engineers, scientists and math and science educators as they sought real solutions to problems that people face all over the world. That experience is sure to continue and grow as the near school year begins this coming September.

Your adoption of Curriculum Mapping, an Archdiocesan-wide project to articulate clearly the content and skills that students will be learning in each subject in each grade level, is a cutting-edge initiative that will serve students well beyond their years in Queen of Peace Elementary School. This process, which helps determine the “agreed-upon” learning for all students, ensures that a consistent, curriculum infused with Gospel values is being provided to all students in our schools. In addition, the central focus of Curriculum Mapping, which is to work collaboratively to find the truth and embrace it – is a skill that Queen of Peace Elementary School alumni will find very effective as they deal with the challenges of high school, college and adult life.

It is my hope that, rather than center on the sadness of today, all members of the Queen of Peace Elementary School community – students, parents, faculty/staff and friends – will concentrate on our current successes and begin to focus on a solid future that includes the school’s centennial celebration. Let us work together to keep Queen of Peace Elementary School as a place to nurture and empower students with Catholic teaching, morality and traditions, as well to develop superior academic skills that will enable them to embrace the challenges of the future in a constantly changing world.


Margaret A. Dames, Ed.D.
Secretary for Catholic Education/Superintendent of Schools