Welcome to Queen of Peace CYO for the 2017-18 school year.  We have an active CYO program at Queen of Peace Parish.  Your child is welcome to join CYO.  Queen of Peace CYO has always been first and foremost a parish ministry reaching out to all children from grades 1-8.  The mission of the CYO program is to meet the needs of the parish children through Spiritual, Social and Athletic Programs.  We have a number of trips throughout the year, host dances and have a number of athletic teams.

The CYO moderator is Father Scott Attanasio.  A CYO Board and other adult volunteers supervise and oversee all the programs.

Queen of Peace CYO has teams that compete in the following sports:

  • Girls Basketball grades 5-6
  • Girls Basketball grades 7-8
  • Boys Basketball grades 5-6
  • Boys Basketball grades 7-8
  • Cheerleading grades 2-8
  • Track grades 1-8
  • Bowling grades 1-8
  • Volleyball grades 5-8
  • Softball grades 7-8

All the trips we plan throughout the year are open to not only CYO Members but their families and friends.

Any child wishing to participate in any CYO event needs to become a member first.  A membership form must be filled out by a parent or guardian.  Due to the increase in expenses for all the athletic teams, the CYO Sports Program must charge each child a $90 sport fee for the first child and $70 for each additional child for each individual sport.  The costs of the CYO program include site management and referees for all home games, fees and referee costs for all travel games and competitions, league fees, scheduling fees, new equipment as needed, uniforms, Awards Dinners, trophies and other incidental items… score book, clock upkeep, etc.  Also, I am asking each parent to monitor your child’s academics and behavior in school.  Any child who is failing their classes and exhibiting inappropriate behavior in school will be suspended from practice and/or games.  In order to help myself and the coaches monitor your child’s performance in school, I am asking each parent to provide me with a copy of your child’s report card and progress report each marking period. That will help us in making sure that your child’s school work is always the priority.   We will have a separate, individual registration for each CYO sport.

Please give your child’s sport fee to Fr. Scott at the time of CYO registration.  PLEASE DO NOT GIVE THE SPORT FEE TO FR. SCOTT UNTIL THE REGISTRATION. Please make all checks payable to Queen of Peace CYO.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please call or e-mail Fr. Scott Attanasio at 201- 997-0700 or

CYO Junior Youth Group

The Queen of Peace CYO Youth Group is open to any child from Queen of Peace Grammar School, Queen of Peace CCD and Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Lyndhurst.  The Queen of Peace CYO Youth Group is first and foremost a Church ministry reaching out to all youth of our Parish.  The mission of the Youth Group is to meet the needs of the children through Spiritual and Social events.  The Youth Group will meet regularly in the LaSalle Center and will include planned programs, movie nights, game nights, trips and dances.

The CYO youth group moderator is Fr. Scott Attanasio.  Volunteer parents supervise and oversee the youth group planned programs.

If you are interested in being part of the Youth Group and receiving any updated information, please fill out the attached CYO Youth Group form.  Please send the completed form to Fr. Scott at the Rectory.

Any questions or suggestions, please call or e-mail Fr. Scott at 201-997-0700 or

CYO Youth Group Rules

  1. The Queen of Peace CYO Youth Group is open to any Queen of Peace Grammar School Student, any Queen of Peace CCD Student and any Our Lady of Mount Carmel CCD Student.
  2. All registration forms must be filled out by the child and his/her parent or guardian prior to the child participating in any event.
  3. All CYO fees must be paid before a child can participate in any CYO activity.
  4. Any child found to be either verbally or physically abusive or threatening physical abuse to another child or adult at any CYO event will be dismissed from the CYO program.
  5. Children must be dressed appropriately.
  6. Permission slips must be filled out and signed by a parent prior to a member attending any CYO event.

Any infraction of these rules will result in dismissal from all CYO programs.