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“Jesus in Our Hearts Forever”

Queen of Peace Grammar School is a Catholic parochial school (Pre-K 3 to Grade 8) located in Southern Bergen County, New Jersey, within the Archdiocese of Newark. QPGS maintains an enrollment of about 200 students and is fully accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. Through a rigorous, faith based education, Queen of Peace seeks to produce global-minded, technically literate, and morally sound students, equipped to meet the challenges of a diverse and dynamic society.  QPGS provides a safe, nurturing, and value-rich environment. We offer all of our families the life-long benefits of a Catholic education.


The primary goal of the program of instruction in our grammar schools is to provide learning experiences in a Catholic environment that will assist the students in their religious, spiritual, moral, intellectual, social, emotional, and physical development. Each school’s program of instruction is designed so that students can achieve the following goals:

  • Grow in understanding that each person has a role in the final realization of the Kingdom of God on Earth.
  • Learn about the message and person of Jesus Christ and the history, doctrine, and practices of the Catholic Church.
  • Develop moral and spiritual values, ethical standards of conduct, and basic integrity.
  • Develop a spirit of prayer, worship, and interest in apostolic service.
  • Acquire the skills and knowledge that will enable them to assume a positive, active role in shaping the future of our society.
  • Develop an appreciation of the uniqueness and diversity of human culture.
  • Develop a respect for the rights of others as individuals and groups.
  • Develop appreciation for the heritage, responsibilities, and privileges of society.

The schools of the Archdiocese of Newark are involved in a multi-year curriculum mapping project which will result in the development of subject area curriculum maps that clearly articulate the content and skills students will be learning in each subject in each grade level.  Curriculum mapping is a process that helps schools and districts/dioceses determine the “agreed-upon” learning for all students.  This process will ensure that a consistent, clearly articulated curriculum infused with Gospel values is being provided to all students in our schools.

The first phase of the curriculum mapping project took place during the 2013-2014 school year.  Math teachers from throughout the Archdiocese were involved in a collaborative process which provided opportunities for individual teacher contributions, small group sessions and larger group meetings. This process lead to the development of the Archdiocesan K-12 Mathematics Curriculum Map which identifies the content to be taught and student skills to be mastered at each grade level. The math curriculum maps can be found at http://catholicschoolsnj.org/curriculum-and-testing/curriculum-mapping.  The curriculum maps for other subject areas will be posted to the website as they are developed over the next several years.

This curriculum mapping process and the resulting maps will help ensure the academic excellence that is integral to the mission of our Catholic schools and will provide parents with a clear understanding of the curriculum.  While the curriculum maps will clearly articulate the expected learning for all students, individual teachers will have the flexibility to teach the content and skills in their own manner, utilizing their own particular strengths and teaching style, and addressing the varying learning needs of their students.

Relevant educational standards, including those proposed by content area experts, the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards, and the Common Core State Standards, will be used as a resource in the curriculum mapping process.  While academic standards will be referenced in the Archdiocesan curriculum maps to indicate which standards are being addressed, it is the expertise and experience of the educators within our schools that will determine the content and skills students will be expected to master.  It is important to note that standards are not curriculum. Academic standards are general statements describing the expectations for student learning.  The curriculum is designed to meet the expectations expressed in the selected standards. While the curriculum maps identify what students should be learning and provide a guide as to when certain content should be taught, each school will determine how it is taught, and what materials and instructional strategies are used.  The curriculum maps will guide schools as they develop curriculum that continues to uphold our commitment to academic excellence and is consistent with Catholic teachings and values.

Administrators at all levels will maintain the responsibility to ensure that teachers are following the curriculum maps and that appropriate teaching is being conducted.  This will continue to be done through a combination of classroom observations, faculty meetings, professional development opportunities and teacher evaluations, as well as using various measurement tools, including but not limited to in – class and standardized testing.

The process of developing and implementing these curriculum maps is detailed and designed to enhance the high standards currently in place in the schools throughout the Archdiocese of Newark.  The Schools’ Office Staff will continually evaluate the process to see if and where it may be improved.

The Archdiocesan Schools Office has always had a program in place to review and update subject curriculum, and we look forward to this opportunity to further enhance our educational programs. In doing so, we will also reinforce the fact that Catholic school education in the Archdiocese of Newark is faith-centered and second to none.

Clubs & Activities

We offer a wide variety of extracurricular activities. Many of which presents students the opportunity of leadership and further developing their skills for the future ahead of them.
  • Kingdom Builders
  • Cooking Club
  • QPGS "What's the Buzz" School Newspaper
  • Legos
  • Student Council
  • Paper Beads
  • Puzzle Club
  • QPGS Has Got Talent
  • Beading Buddies
  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Yoga for Youngsters
  • QPGS Band
  • Peer Tutoring

Student Activities

Since 1925, originally staffed by the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Chestnut Hill, Queen of Peace Grammar School boasts of many excellent educational opportunities that prepare our young students to grow into faithful Catholics as well as successful citizens:
  • RCAN curriculum, that is fully aligned with New Jersey Common Core Curriculum Standards for Education
  • Weekly Art, Music, World Language, Physical Education, Computer, Library and L.E.A.D. classes
  • Participation in many school as well as local competitions: Spelling Bees, Geography Bees, Poster/Essay Contests, STEM Fairs, 7th & 8th Grade Academic Games, Battle of the Books
  • Yearly Pre-School program for 3 and 4 year old's
  • An active CYO program with many sports as well as social events
  • Yearly field trips to enhance the both curriculum and overall educational experiences
  • Albertus Magnus Science Room
  • Resource Room for all IEP students

Our History

Queen of Peace Grammar School has been serving the community since 1925 and our mission remains the same: Empowering our students with Catholic Teaching.

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At Queen of Peace, we strive to offer the best Catholic education to our students at the most affordable prices. As well as scholarship opportunities.

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Private tours are provided by the Principal of the school and other staff members during the school day from 8:00 AM to 2:00PM.

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Queen of Peace Grammar School will continue to be a leading Catholic educational community of faith and knowledge that empowers our students. 

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