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Catholic Youth Organization



The Queen of Peace CYO Youth Group is first and foremost a Church ministry reaching out to all youth of our Parish. The Youth Group will meet regularly in the LaSalle Center and will include planned programs, movie nights, game nights, trips and dances.

Any Child wishing to participate in any CYO event needs to become a member first. A membership form must be filled out by a parent or guardian. Forms will be located in each sport category page. Students who participate in the CYO must keep their academics and their behavior in school a priority. Any child who is failing their classes and exhibiting inappropriate behavior in school will be suspended from practice and/or games.

Please make all checks payable to Queen of Peace CYO.

Mission Statement

The mission of the CYO program is to meet the needs of the parish children through Spiritual, Social and Athletic Programs.

Highlights from the 2022-2023 Season

Our QPGS CYO girls volleyball team won the Bergen County Volleyball JV Tournament last year. They had an undefeated season and went on to win the championship.

Athletic Fees

  • $80 - Additional Children
  • $100 - First Child

The costs of the CYO program includes: site management at all home games and referees for all home games, fees and referee costs for all games and competitions, League fees along with scheduling fees, new equipment as needed, uniforms, the Athletes entrance fee to the Awards Dinner, Trophies and other incidental items… score book, clock upkeep, etc.


  • The CYO is open to any QPGS Student, Queen of Peace CCD Student, and any Our Lady of Mount Carmel CCD Student.
  • All registration forms must be filled out by the child and his/her parent or guardian prior to the child participating in any event.
  • Children must be dressed appropriately.
  • Permission slips must be filled out and signed by a parent prior to a member attending any CYO event.

Any infraction of these rules will result in dismissal from all CYO programs.


Competitive Cheerleading


Boys Basketball

Girls Basketball


Track & Field