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Early Childhood

The Queen of Peace Early Childhood Program offers an active, loving, faith infused learning environment that nurtures the mind, body, and spirit of the children.

Blessed Mary’s Little Lambs

Queen of Peace Grammar School provides a value-rich, spirit-filled preschool program called Blessed Mary’s Little Lambs for three and four year old’s.

  • Flexible schedules are available for four year old's for full or half days; students must be four by October 1.
  • Flexible schedules are available for three year old's for full or half days for the 2022-23 school year; students must be three years old by October 1st and fully potty trained.

Children learn and play in classes with an experienced teacher and usually at least one assistant.

Preschool Program

The curriculum at Queen of Peace Grammar School is diverse, rich, and developmentally appropriate for growing minds.  We focus on the spiritual, cognitive, social, and emotional growth of each child. A typical day includes whole group, small group, and individual activities where concepts and themes are introduced and practiced. To enhance learning, the following specials are offered: Computers, Art, Spanish, Gym, Library, Music (The Christmas Concert is a delightful highlight of their musical experience at QPGS!)


The Pre-K students will learn about God’s love for us. They will be introduced to the importance of prayer, Bible stories, the Holy Family, and saints. They will learn Jesus’ teachings to love God and to love others. They will understand That God created the world around us and they are a very special part of God’s creation.

Language Arts

The Pre-K will have their first formal instruction in the recognition of letters and sounds along with exposure to literature through stories, nursery rhymes, and songs (promoting reading readiness). Pre-writing skills and story creating will be emphasized through journaling which will enhance their vocabulary as they draw pictures and dictate sentences and stories. They will develop their fine motor skills through a variety of activities such as cutting, using a pencil, stenciling, and coloring.


Pre-K Math is experienced daily through hands-on activities which include counting, sorting, one-to-one correspondence, and patterning. The students will recognize and learn shapes, numbers, directions, as well as quantity and positions, and will develop problem solving skills.

Social Studies

Social learning and character development are supported during play activity. Young children learn to negotiate, solve problems, and cope with strong feelings. Through experiencing the classroom community, group responsibility is understood.  Putting toys away and materials are examples of this.