Student Support

Student Support

At Queen of Peace Grammar School, there are varied, multiple support systems to ensure the learning success of each student. If a student encounters difficulty in a subject area, the teacher will provide support and prescriptive instruction to enhance learning. Each classroom teacher stays at least one day per week to help students who require assistance. Many classes have paraprofessionals that provide extra help during the school day. In the upper grades, the teachers continue to provide support after school hours.

Queen of Peace Grammar School is proud to be one of the few schools in the Archdiocese of Newark to provide dedicated Resource Room services. Queen of Peace Grammar School addresses the individual needs and learning styles of all students. If learning inconsistencies are identified in a student, a teacher may suggest the extensive testing services of the Bergen County Child Study Team. Based on testing outcomes, the student will be provided with an Individualized Education Plan. Ms. Mary Grace Cherry, the school’s Resource Room teacher, will work with IEP students to support learning goals.

The homeroom teacher may recommend the student for extra help in Reading or Math from the Bergen County Special Services Teacher, Mrs. Anne Celmer. Mrs. Celmer works with students whose standardized test scores indicate weaknesses in certain subject areas. Homeroom teachers may also recommended students to Mrs. Celmer based on classroom performance. The students will be taken out of the classroom once or twice a week to reinforce targeted learning skills.

Mrs. Cordero and the National Junior Honor Society provide peer tutoring during the school day. Honor Society students are assigned one or two students to help with homework tasks and general understanding of particular concepts.

Ms. Woodrow is the school counselor at Queen of Peace Grammar School. Her services are available for students as needed. Issues with behavior, peer relationships,and family are some of the many areas that interfere with successful learning. Ms. Woodrow helps with these areas of concern. The counselor is at school one day per week. Parent permission is necessary for counseling sessions. Teachers may suggest, or students may request, some time with the counselor.

Teachers provide a myriad of instructional methods to support the success of each student. Effective communication between the home and school is essential for student success.