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Summer Assignments

Queen Of Peace Grammar School Summer Assignments

Welcome to our Summer Assignments Program!

At Queen Of Peace Grammar School, we believe that continuous learning over the summer is essential for our students’ education and personal growth. This summer, we encourage all students from Kindergarten to Grade 8 to engage in a variety of educational activities, including reading, math, and religion.

Each student is required to complete assignments from the grade-specific lists provided below. We have carefully curated these lists to include a variety of tasks that will keep our students engaged and intellectually stimulated.

How to Get Started:

  1. Find Your Grade: Look for the section that corresponds to your grade level.
  2. Choose Your Assignments: Select the required assignments from the list provided for your grade.
  3. Complete and Enjoy: Work through the assignments and learn new things along the way.
  4. Prepare for School: Be ready to share your thoughts and participate in activities related to your summer assignments when school resumes.

Grade-Specific Assignment Lists (Click your Child’s Grade and PDF of Assignment will Open):

We hope you find joy and inspiration in these assignments. Happy learning!