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Our History

Queen of Peace Grammar School has been serving the community since 1925. Although there have been changes to Queen of Peace throughout the years, the mission remains the same: Empowering our students with Catholic Teaching.

1920 | Groundbreaking

In 1919, the first mass was celebrated in North Arlington. Just over a year later, the cornerstone of the first church was laid, and Our Lady Queen of Peace Church was consecrated.

1922 | Arrival of Monsignor Peter B. O'Connor

A dedicated priest and quite a colorful character by all accounts, Monsignor O’Connor is widely credited with realizing the most ambitious expansion this parish has ever witnessed. Inheriting a debt of 34,000 from his predecessors, he rallied parishioners, recruited volunteers, and raised funds to expand the parish complex and pay down debts.

1925 | Opening of the Grammar School

In September of 1925, the grammar school opened inside the first church building, staffed by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Chestnut Hill.

Pictured on the right: The First 8th Grade Graduating Class

1927 | Peak Enrollment

Within two years of the opening, enrollment swelled. By this time, the original church had been converted to classrooms, and the second church was located on the ground floor of the school building. As the parish continued to expand, the need became apparent for yet a larger church and a new school building.


1940 | Expansion

Under the direction of Msgr. O’Connor, plans were drawn up in the late 1940’s. Monsignor was particularly drawn to the Georgian Colonial style of architecture and this style was inherent in its design. In September 1951 the cornerstone of the present-day church was laid. 

1953 | The New Church

In 1953, the new Church was completed. The interior of the church maintains the Georgian Colonial style with Ionic pilasters and neo-classical embellishment throughout. At the top is an ornate version of the seal of Our Lady, while underneath is a dove representing the Holy Spirit. A gilt crucifix hangs from above, behind the main altar. The nave of the church features twelve main windows celebrating the history of Roman Catholicism in the New World. These windows serve as a reminder of the contribution that Catholics have made to the greatness of this nation and hemisphere.